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Kath Burlinson in The Mother's Bones

photo by Charlie Carter



Welcome to the Authentic Artist website for information about

Kath Burlinson's Authentic Artist Workshops and the

Authentic Artist Collective


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 Kath Burlinson

_MG_8159 kath16 cropped

Kath on the fourth plinth, Trafalgar Square. Body paint by Boudicca Blue

AA workshop video Kath Head shot

Kath Burlinson launched her Authentic Artist Workshops in 2007 and founded the Authentic Artist Collective in 2009. The intention is to offer artists from any disciplinary background a safe space to explore their work and the opportunity to be guided towards greater personal and artistic realisation.  The Authentic Artist Collective was formed to be a production company for new work and a support network for workshop participants.  


As the Authentic Artist community grew, so did the desire for opportunities to connect,  In 2014, Authentic Artist Asylums began as monthly events in London and Edinburgh where previous workshop participants can continue to share their practices.


Kath developed the Authentic Artist programme under the mentorship of Paul Oertel and Nancy Spanier.


For information on Kath's other work, including Corporate Training visit